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Imagine Justice Project (IJP) connects and uplifts  community-driven efforts to build safe and just futures for youth. Our vision for Pierce County is a vibrant, interwoven system of support that ensures all young people, especially those most vulnerable, are connected to the resources and opportunities they need to thrive.  



Relationships are the foundation of the work we do in connecting and uplifting transformative work in the community. We focus on establishing and maintaining high-trust, authentic relationships rooted in mutual respect and caring. This requires time, intentionality, and holding each other accountable.


Collective power is at the core of justice and required to achieve our vision. We cultivate collective power through centering the voices that have historically been at the margins, especially the Black, Brown, and Indigenous youth and families most impacted systems. We prioritize voice, choice, partnership, representation, culture, and identity in all the work that we do.


There is no justice without equity and access. We work to shift power dynamics, remove barriers, expand opportunities for individuals and communities who have been most impacted by systems. We strive to create safer spaces where our diverse identities are honored and celebrated.


Our work to disrupt the status quo and drive long-term systems change is challenging, and we will make mistakes. We will hold ourselves accountable, with compassion, to our guiding principles and to the communities we serve in order to achieve our mission and realize a just future. We are committed to transparency, learning, healing, change, and restoration.


A just future is a joyful future. We embrace joy as our pathway to engage, heal, and transform. Although our work is difficult and enduring, we make time for play, celebration, imagination, radical self-love, and fun in our work together.

Mailing Address:

PO Box 7378, Tacoma, WA 98417

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