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YSAN (Youth-Serving Agencies Network)

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Amara is now recruiting for our NEW Youth Advisory Council, launching this spring in King and Pierce Counties! We are looking for middle school students who are current or former foster youth, youth who have been adopted, or youth who have lived with other family members other than their parents (i.e. grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.). No previous leadership experience is needed, and our goal is to recruit young people with a diverse make-up of skills, abilities, identities, backgrounds, and experiences. Entry into the program is intended to be as low-barrier as possible, using a simple referral form. Youth may self-refer. Teachers, counselors, coaches, mentors, parents, caregivers, and other caring adults are also invited to refer young people who might be a good fit for the program. Space is limited; youth who we are unable to include in this spring’s program will be added to a waitlist for future dates.


Please see below for a program description and attached for a program flyer. Please circulate widely, and/or click here to fill out a referral form. For language or other accessibility needs, please contact or call 425-236-9347.



STAR Youth Advisory Council


Do you want to make a difference while having fun? Are you a creative person who likes to explore different modes of self-expression? STAR Youth Advisory Council is perfect for you!


Team up with other middle schoolers who, like you, have experience in foster care, kinship care, or adoption. The Council will meet every other week at Amara’s Tacoma office at 3501 104th St E, Tacoma WA 98446. Meeting schedule will be determined based on participant availability. 


You will:

  • Advise Amara’s Youth Development team in creating programs for youth like you.

  • Express yourself through art. Whether it's painting, music, writing, or dance, you’ll work with real artists who will give you the tools to share your thoughts, feelings, and ideas in creative ways.

  • Serve your community by doing a service project that makes a positive impact.

  • Get Paid. STAR Youth Advisory Council members receive a $25 stipend for each meeting they attend.

  • Gain Experience. No leadership experience? Great! Whether you think of yourself as a leader or not, your skills, abilities, and perspective are needed.

  • Build Community. Create friendships with other kids who understand your journey and share your passions.

  • Learn by Doing. STAR Youth Advisory Council is all about interactive learning. Get ready for exciting activities, creative workshops, and team-building adventures!

@Kristin Schneider were you ever able to connect with Malik Banks from our team? On the side he does a lot with artists and organizing shows. He would be a great point of contact for this.



Welcome to the YSAN! The YSAN (Youth-Serving Agencies Netwo...


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